When is it shipping?

We’re shipping a small Pilot Batch to select EU and US customers to oversee the quality, build, and durability of those first units. Once we get word that the product is fault-free, we will send the rest of the units to our crowdfunding backers and pre-order customers. This also includes customers who have purchased individual boards or extra components like batteries, chargers, wheels, etc.  

Does the Unlimited Kit really mount to any board?
We’ve mounted the Solo Kit, the Cruiser and the R Kit to every board we’ve come across, including penny boards! The only complications we found is when riders use drop-through trucks on longboards with built-in drops.

Should I just go for a Complete setup?
It really depends on the type of person you are. If you’re faithful to your own boards, then probably not. But if you literally just want to open the box, turn on your Kit and ride our premium boards, we’d say go for the Complete ;)

What kind of trucks do the Unlimited Kits support?
Our Kits will fit to any new school or old school truck mounts with either 150mm or 180mm hangers.

Can I travel with my Unlimited?
The great thing about Unlimited is that our batteries are sub 100 Wh which means you simply take them off your Kit and bring them carry-on for your flight. You can personally carry up to 3 batteries on a flight.  

Can I free ride my board if my battery dies?
Absolutely! One of the best parts about the Unlimited Kit is that you can free ride your board if your battery ever runs out. Unlike other electric skateboards, you never have to stop riding with Unlimited.

Do you have a Mobile App?
We are currently putting the final touches on our mobile app! It’s packed with tons of useful features like custom riding settings, trip tracker, and other goodies that improve daily functions.


What riding styles can I choose?

We provide (3) riding styles: Easy, Eco and Pro. Easy being our most user-friendly and Pro unleashing the full fury of our powertrain. 

Can I go in reverse with my Unlimited?
Yep! Just choose the option in the remote control menu and you’re set for reverse.


Why do you only accept Stripe payments?
At the moment it’s the safest and quickest payment method for us. We will be adding more options in the near future like PayPal Express.

Why are prices labeled the same in EUR and USD?  
To streamline our pricing strategy, we have compensated what we have to pay on tax for the USD to EUR transfer rate.

Why do I have to pay for pre-orders?
The reason is that your purchases directly increase the value of our company, and show us that customers are actively looking for modular electric skateboards.

What countries are you currently shipping to?
We are only shipping product to EU and USA (excluding Puerto Rico and other territories)


Do the motors have regenerative braking?
Yep. Our motors have been designed to charge your battery every time you brake.

Do the motors have anti-locking mechanisms?
If your motor wheel ever disconnects from your remote control, mobile app, or your core unite, they will go into free spin, giving you the ability to power slide or foot brake to safety.

How do I change my Motor Liner?
First, safely remove the motor wheel from your truck. Then, unscrew the (4) hex screws holding in the Motor plate on the front. With your motor plate off, you’ll want to slide the motor liner off your motor chassis (note: it is sometimes very tight). Once off, grab a new Motor Liner, slide it on the chassis and re-mount your plate and screws. You’re all set to go!

For more detailed instructions, we recommend downloading our official Product Manual.

Can I use the battery’s USB-C Port as a charger?
Absolutely! The USB-C port was intended to be used for charging your phone, laptop, music player or any other gadget that needs juice while you’re on the go.

Why is there a top speed limit of 35 km/h?
This speed limit is an international standard for light electric vehicles used in bike / public roads. Besides, any faster than that and you’d basically be riding Marty’s BTTF hover-board.

Can I charge both batteries at the same time with one charger?
Yes, as long as your batteries are connected to the Baseplate for Cruiser & R setups.

o I have to maintenance my batteries?
No, they will automatically maintenance themselves.


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