Back From ISPO 2018!


Our team just got back from Munich, Germany after attending the week-long ISPO 2018 expo. We’re thankful to have been invited by ISPO BrandNew and for awarding us a finalist position at the event. We spoke with industry professionals, investors, retailers, buyers, manufacturers, and plenty of excited customers. Below are some key takeaways from the event we thought would be worth sharing with our community.

ispo finalist.jpg

Overall the attendee feedback was very positive regarding our electric powertrain system. From the 100 sum-odd attendees who physically tried our boards we can say that 95% were ecstatic (the rest 5% were plain scared of the torque!) with the ride, feel and aesthetics of the product. Many of the attendees were also impressed by the modular aspect which is something we boast whenever possible as it is one of our main features. Converting a Carver Board at the show was also a great idea, since many were curious about the “electric surfboard” concept and realized that by mounting a kit to their board they can in fact make literally ANYTHING electric.

Here is a link to popular electric skateboard blogger, Fabian Doerig, who stopped by our booth to test out our R Kit.

Here is a link to german blogger, 4FREESKIER, who tried out the R Kit with his colleague.

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Retail & Buyers
There was a lot of buzz around our electric powertrain and the fact it can be mounted to any board. We spoke with many retailers and buyers about the possibility of adding our Kits to their stores. The most popular direction being that board shops and board brands include our Kits as “add-ons” thus allowing them to enter the electric skateboard market pretty easily. We are now reaching out to these contacts in hopes of expanding our business development

The fact is, the electric skateboard industry is booming and this is a fantastic time to get a board as options are plenty. We are amidst the largest e-mobility trend we have ever seen with governments actively looking to contribute to this movement. ISPO was a clear example of such growth, where we saw several other electric skateboard, scooters and personal e-mobilty brands showing off their product. The best part? We didn’t see any other company developing a powerful and efficient modular system, it's just a really tough task to get right.

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As we near the production of the Unlimited Electric Skateboards we will be posting more updates. So until then, stay tuned and BE UNLIMITED!