From the Workshop: Unlimited Electric Skateboard Motor Installation

Unlimited Skaters,

We’ve received a few questions and seen a couple cases of motor damage due to incorrect installation. Using the proper tools will make sure you are tightening the motor on your electric skateboard to design specification and is very important, as it poses a safety risk (loss of braking if the motors disconnect). Once you get the hang of how tight it needs to be and make sure to check on it regularly, you can use the provided tool.

Damage due to improper installation is not covered under warranty.

Watch this short clip to make sure your Unlimited motor is installed correctly.

A small percentage of hangers are way too big to fit our motors and are thus not compatible. Typically those with a very triangular shape. Make sure the motor slides all the way in and seats properly against the hanger.

Proper motor-truck clearance

Proper motor-truck clearance

Not enough clearance on this truck

Not enough clearance on this truck

If you have a Solo or Cruiser, you might be interested in testing how the motor feels mounted on the opposite side of the truck. It’s a matter of personal preference and riding style (regular & goofy), but a motor on the heel side will have a bit more traction than a motor on the toe side. The motors are torqued properly during assembly so make sure you tighten it back according to the video above.

Uninstalling a motor from the axle sometimes takes a couple of taps from a soft mallet. This is OK and will not damage your motors or trucks in any way, just be sure to tap all around the motor until it releases and not hit the bearings.

TLDR : watch the short video, RTFM and make sure to tighten the motor nut as HARD as you can with the included tool, always check it before riding especially the first few rides. Ideally, you use a small torque wrench and tighten that puppy down to a minimum of 25 Nm (18.4 lb-ft | 221 lb-in).