2018 Brings The Goodies - Website Launch & More!


The past year has been quite a ride for the entire team at Unlimited. When all is said and done, we couldn't have done it without the support of our backers, friends and family. We’ve been making incredible progress with our product across the board and are so close to having it ready to launch publicly. As we gear up for our pilot batch and finish the manufacturing process for those initial units, we will finally be able to see our product in the wild! That means a ton of great things for us. Most importantly that real-world users will be testing our product on a variety of terrains, settings, and weather conditions. For our engineers that's as good as it comes considering it will be our first public shipment of Unlimited product. The feedback we receive from the pilot batch riders will give us exactly what we need in order to make any improvements for the final shipment. 

We're recently returned from CES 2018 where we had incredible discussions with community leaders and technology professionals. The electric skateboard industry is booming and its important as ever for us to be on the forefront of that technology. Just another reason why our modular electric skateboard kits are sure to take over and gain popularity as users see the benefits in swappable batteries, drag-free hub motors, and customizable configurations based on YOUR needs. It’s an exciting time to come for Unlimited!

With that said, let's make 2018 a year to boast about! 

Thank you all for the support,
The Unlimited Team